Veterinary Services

  • Annual wellness Exams include all necessary vaccines, a comprehensive exam, intestinal parasite screening, and heartworm test

  • Dentistry: Dental health can drastically affect your dogs overall health especially their heart! We offer ultrasonic dental cleaning, exam, extractions, etc.

  • Surgery:we peform routine surgeries such as spays, neuters, declaws, tail docks, dew claw removal, cystotomy, cesarian section, mass removals, etc. As well as emergency surgerys such as abdominal exploratory surgery, gastrotomy, resection and anastomosis, laceration repair, etc

  • Deep ear canal flushing: if you have been through an assortment of different ear medications and cleaners and your dog is still having trouble then ask us about deep flushing. This is done under anesthesia and allows us to remove almost all debris from the ear canal, thoroughly inspect the ear drum, and medicate appropriately.

  • We are a full service veterinary hospital and are fully equipped to handle most situations that present themselves.


<40 lb $13.50/pet/night

40-90lb $15.25/pet/night

>90 lb $18/pet/night

Doggy Day Care: $50/pet/week; Drop off and pick up during office hours, if your dog spends the night appropriate boarding charges will be added to doggy daycare rates.


Our Groomer has years of experience and tons of patients with your furry friends. Rates are subject to change based on dog size, coat type, type of cut desired, and coat condition.